Frequently Asked Questions

How will use my email address?

We do not sell or give your email address to a third party. It will be utilized to inform you about your trips, confirmation, know-before-you-go driver information, and other important details about your trip. We also utilize your email address to send you special offers. You may opt out of receiving offers and savings by unsubscribing

How do I cancel or change a reservation?

You may contact us by calling +1-(949)-537-8005 or by email at [email protected], if you have any change or cancelation.

What is included in my quoted rate?

The base rate and taxes are included in your quotation. You may be charged an hourly or a flat rate. The garage to garage pricing is determined by the estimated travel time between stops. When your driver is on the clock, he or she will be paid for the actual amount of time it takes to complete the trip, garage to garage. A flat rate isn’t related to driving time and is simply a fixed fee for transporting passengers between locations. Please be advised that your ride may incur additional costs and charges. After the journey is finished, if you incur additional charges, your credit card will be charged for the actual trip amount (ride estimate + extras) plus any applicable fees and taxes.

How can I review Prestige Amenities company ratings?

All of our customers have the opportunity to rate and review our service received by clicking this link to google reviews or trust pilot reviews

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Trust Pilot –